Virtual Events

These virtual events are free to attend/view (although donations to help support production costs are greatly appreciated). Donate to support our virtual events, including our new Off the Shelf serieshere.

Upcoming Schedule of Individual Virtual Events

Sunday, April 18 at 7:30 pm PDT
SMP Night of the Stars
An unveiling of our own Walk of Fame
Public live ceremony in person and livestreams on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Sierra Madre Playhouse is ready to get festive as it plans to unveil its very own mini-Walk of Fame on the pavement in front of the historic building. Five individuals will be memorialized for their participation at the Playhouse during their lives to further the Playhouse’s artistic mission. They’re our heroes, and while they’ve departed, they’ll be remembered always for their kindness, generosity and hard work.

Three of the stars are refurbished, and two of the stars are brand new. The individuals being remembered are: Charles Andrese, a Founder and Artistic Director; Stan Zalas, a Founder and Artistic Director; George Enyedi, a Visionary responsible for the purchase, renovation, and refurbishment of the physical Playhouse itself, making us one of the very few local theater companies to actually own its venue; Verna Chilton, actor and board member; and Barry Schwam, actor, musician, sound designer and board member.

There will be a live public ceremony unveiling the stars in front of the Playhouse on Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. PDT. Following remarks remembering our Playhouse heroes, cake and champagne will be served. Health and safety protocols (e.g., masks) will be observed. The event will also be livestreamed on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, for those preferring to attend the festivities at home.

Sunday, April 25 at 5 pm PDT
Off the Shelf: Short Stories Out Loud presents
"Pie Dance"
By Molly Giles
Adapted and directed by Christian Lebano

Catch the real-time premiere on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram

A husband's current, much younger wife keeps showing up unannounced and for no particular reason at the porch of the ex-wife's house. The current wife never comes inside and the ex-wife never leaves the doorway, but the two make small talk on the porch.

This short story offering, as well as all our other Off the Shelf offerings, are available online permanantly after their realtime premieres.

Ongoing Virtual Series

Off the Shelf: Poetry Out Loud
Be on the lookout for new releases!
Available permanently on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram

Occasionally, we will release a poem performed by an actor you have come to know here at the Playhouse.

Off the Shelf: Poetry Out Loud Presentations available here

Off the Shelf: Short Stories Out Loud
New release via real-time premiere at 5 pm PST on the 4th Sunday of every month

Available permanently on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram following the real-time premieres

Once a month, we will release a full-cast, audio-only short story offering via real-time premiere. Catch our upcoming offering, "The Most Dangerous Game," on March 28.

Off the Shelf: Short Stories Out Loud Presentations available here


Want more virtual productions? Please enjoy our Past Events Archive (see below)! Recordings of our recent Actor Panel featuring Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James and our "Back Porch" Talkback are available now!


Past Events Archive

One Book One City: "Back Porch" Talkback
Featuring Chris Offutt, Christian Lebano, Anne Gee Byrd, and Jeanne Marie Valleroy
Runtime is approximately 43 minutes
Available on YouTube
Originally took place on February 22, 2021

Watch (or rewatch) the virtual live talkback with the author and creative team that followed the premiere of our reading of "Back Porch" by Chris Offutt, presented by Sierra Madre Playhouse and Sierra Madre Public Library for Sierra Madre's One Book One City community reading program! Author and narrator Chris Offutt, adapter and director Christian Lebano, actress Anne Gee Byrd (Ruby), and video recorder and editor Jeanne Marie Valleroy shared their experiences with working on this special reading.

Actor Panel
Featuring Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James
Runtime is approximately 1 hour
Available on YouTube
Originally took place on February 7, 2021

Watch (or rewatch) our first-ever virtual live actor panel featuring actors Alan Blumenfeld and Katherine James! The duo are best-known to Sierra Madre Playhouse audiences for their appearances in its 2018 hit production of The Gin Game (which later transferred to the Theatricum Botanicum in 2019, where the pair have also appeared in multiple productions). Blumenfeld and James discussed the art of acting, their respective careers, and their experiences working separately and together with Sierra Madre Playhouse audiences.

"The Set of Poe"
By George Ade
Adapted and Directed by Christian Lebano
Starring Michael Hoag, Kodi Jackman, Christian Lebano
Runtime is approximately 12 minutes
Available on YouTubeFacebook or Instagram
Originally premiered December 20, 2020

SMP's holiday gift to you -- our first-ever audio-only show! Catch this sweet, holiday dialogue from 1903 on our YouTubeFacebook, or Instagram anytime.

The Final Tour
By Doug Cooney
Directed by Christian Lebano
Originally presented at Together LA Festival in collaboration with Alternative Theatre Los Angeles on October 10, 2020
Starring Anne Gee Byrd, Larry Eisenberg, Kurt Sanchez Kanazawa
Runtime is approximately 15 minutes, including an introduction featuring Doug Cooney and Christian Lebano
Available on YouTube

Originally workshopped at Sundance Theater Labs, The Final Tour is based on the lives of Vladimir Horowitz, the most acclaimed concert pianist of the 20th century known for his virtuosity, independent style and precocious celebrity, and his wife, Wanda Toscanini Horowitz, the daughter of famed conductor Arturo Toscanini who is credited with nurturing and protecting her husband throughout his legendary but turbulent career. SMP's performance from Together LA Festival features the second scene of the original play.


July 9, 2020: Yellow Face Talkback Transcription
Enjoy the transcript of questions and answers from our Yellow Face post-show talkback, which also includes answers to some previously unanswered questions and behind-the-scenes photos, here.



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