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Einstein's world is crumbling around him, as he is sent sideways, fighting to prove general relativity in this true and inspirational story. It’s Berlin 1914, a younger, pre-“crazy”-haired, Albert Einstein awaits news from an eclipse expedition that will prove his Theory of General Relativity. But Einstein is sent sideways in a world crumbling around him due to: The Great War, the science establishment doesn’t believe his “crazy” theories, those that do, try to take it away from him, being isolated for his pacifist views, a wife who won't give him a divorce, his failing health, a huge scientific backlash, anti-Semitism, thoughts of suicide, his own self destructive genius and a young son fighting for his father's affections. Meanwhile, he comes up with a theory that changes the way we live our lives today. EINSTEIN! is an inspirational and true story. Based on the 2007 recent release of thousands of documents and three years of research-- writer and performer Jack Fry shares insight into Einstein's early life, a story that few people know. Among many things, this play highlights the trials we all face as individuals in a world that at times doesn't want us to succeed.

This show, told in extraordinary detail, sheds light on the triumph of the human spirit, as we are witness to destiny's hand pushing, pulling, and knocking Einstein about, at last giving birth to our modern technical age. It's truly the story that made his hair "crazy."

Told with humor and heart, Jack Fry breathes life into one of the most intriguing icons of all time.

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Jack Fry


A play by

Jack Fry

Directed by

Tom Blomquist


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