Dames at Sea

  • Jun 15, 2019 - Aug 3, 2019
  • Sierra Madre Playhouse
A feel-good musical comedy that's fun for the whole family!

A Note from the Director, Joshua Finkel:
Welcome to the joyous, hilarious and heartwarming world of DAMES AT SEA, a charming, small musical that pays homage to the wonderful Busby Berkeley Movie Musicals of the 1930’s--normally performed with a ‘cast of thousands.’
That is one of the hilarious elements of this show as spelled out by the show’s creators: trying to recreate Busby Berkeley ‘but on a postage stamp’ using only 6 actors!   
Even though it’s ‘small and simple’ in appearance, it’s quite deceptive and complex! I could not have pulled it off without this TREMENDOUS team of incredible cast and crew. It truly does ‘take a village’ to ‘lick that postage stamp and make it stick!’  I’m so grateful to each and every member of this team both onstage and off, who gave their all to create this magical show you are about to enjoy.
Dames at Sea is based on such classic films as 42nd Street, The Gold Diggers of 1933, and Footlight Parade--all of which will be shown here as part of the Wednesday Night Film Series. I really hope you can take in those screenings as part of this experience. They are delightful and you’ll be glad you did! You will appreciate the show even more if you do!
In these films and in this show, you will be tickled by the optimism, crazy coincidences, and wonderful, familiar and architypal characters portrayed in both. Even the characters’ names in the musical pay tribute to some of the legendary actors in the original films: Ruby (Ruby Keeler), Dick (Dick Powell), Joan (Joan Blondell) etc. 

Created and set in the trying and stressful time of The Great Depression of the 1930’s, these films and this show reflect the spirit of America. In the 1930’s, movie audiences were desperate for escape. As they stood on breadlines and dealt with such incredible stress in their daily lives, audiences often scraped together a nickel and escaped their troubles by staying inside darkened movie theaters where they could forget their troubles, and reboot their spirit. They needed this sense of optimism, and the promise of success these films would provide. A familiar promise of the American Dream which would be realized if one had enough ingenuity, and put in enough hard work to make it so.  It is amazing how timely this message is in today’s world , isn’t it? 
In today’s divided and troubled world, Americans crave that same American Dream of optimism and unity. This show and these wonderful films are here to help out as they did so long ago. They are here to help us each rekindle our American Optimism and the wonderful promise America holds for all of us. 
That is the real gift of this show. It’s a perfect time to see it.
So join me in escaping into this warm and wonderful world.                                   
Forget your troubles, laugh, be swept away with romance and innocent joy, and truly believe that ‘Good Times are Here to Stay!”


Will Ruby go out there a chorus girl, but come back a star? Dames at Sea is a hilarious homage to the glamorous and hopeful musicals of the 1930s.