The Bottom Line … part One by Artistic Director, Christian Lebano

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Jukebox Patsy

Always…Patsy Cline continues to sell-out.  This show is doing business unlike any other in our history.  And still…we haven’t yet broken even on the show.  The cost of presenting this show is very high –  between the royalties for the show and the songs, the cost of the band, the performers and the crew and all the amortized costs of mounting the show (personnel, costumes, sets, programs, etc.) it will be a couple more weeks before we are in the clear.  I am not complaining.  I couldn’t be prouder of this production.  And we knew what we were getting into when we decided to do it.  Happily, it is bringing in so many new patrons who are telling me that they had no idea we existed, but that now that they do – will be back!  So many good things are coming out of it.

Arts organizations generally operate on a 60/40 unearned income/earned income (ticket sales) ratio.  We have managed to survive with a much-greater dependence on our box office.  But as we’ve increased the per show expenses – by hiring more established artists and raising production values – our costs have gone up as well.  We are working on developing strategies to raise the additional funds from our loyal supporters, but understandably not everyone is in the position to make donations.

There is one way that everyone can help – make us your Community Charity of choice through Ralphs and Amazon.  This adds no cost to you but can net us several thousand dollars (depending on how many people sign up) a year.  EVERYONE must sign up each September for the Ralphs contribution – your current choice expires on the last day of August.  Unfortunately, you MUST wait until September first to re-enroll.  Personally, with a 10-year old son, and knowing how high my grocery bills are, it takes a little of the sting out knowing that some money is coming back to the Playhouse.  Easy to follow instructions can be found on our website or at – our code for Ralphs is #83942.

We are hoping to build foundational support through grants and underwriting.  We have a Development Professional working with us now to outline strategies and a way-forward.  We are incredibly grateful to all of the loyal patrons who have generously given us donations over the years – we wouldn’t be poised to keep growing without you.  For those of you who have considered donating or making us your charity for matching grants at work and have any questions or concerns – I would be happy to speak with any of you.  I can always be reached at

Always…Patsy Cline is now closing on September 27 – and sales continue strong.  If you think a show may be sold-out it is still worth calling Mary Baville in our box office and getting on the waiting list for the show you want – we sometimes get cancellations and Mary will call you and let you know.  But book ahead – shows are selling out rapidly.  Remember we give 20% discounts for groups of 10 or more who purchase their tickets ahead of their attendance date.  Please call Mary at 626.355.4318 to arrange your purchase.