Rehearsals will begin on October 5, and will mostly take place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, with some mid-week rehearsals.

Auditions will take place on September 20 and 21, with callbacks September 26 and 27.

Tech week and dress rehearsals will run November 18-26. There will be NO rehearsal Thanksgiving Day. There may be an afternoon Final Dress before opening on Friday evening,

November 28. Actors must be completely available during that period.

Performance dates (all evenings unless otherwise noted): November 28, 29, 30 (mat.), December 5, 6, 7 (mat.),12, 13 (mat. and evening),14 (mat. and evening), 19, 20 (mat. and evening), 21 (mat.), 23, 26, 27, 28 (mat.) for a total of 20 performances.


Actors may submit through Actors Access or directly at: Please provide a headshot and resume. And put the role you are submitting for in the subject line. We will contact you by email.


In Indian Territory in 1870, the Wilder family – hardy pioneers who carve a life out of the unforgiving prairie– christen the cabin that Pa built by hand with the help of his neighbors. On Christmas Eve, a deluge threatens to keep Santa from bringing any gifts to Laura and Mary. Mr. Edwards, a lonely bachelor to whom the family has shown great kindness, braves the dangerous creek to bring simple gifts — and joy — to the family. This understated, funny, and well-written play affirms the values of hard work, sacrifice, and love. Rousing country music will be sung and played by the cast.


Actors of all ethnicities welcome. All should be able to sing in harmony. Musicians especially desired.

For the audition, prepare sides and one 16-bar song; sing a capella, or accompany yourself with fiddle, guitar, or banjo.

Laura –11 (played by actress 11-23).Tom-boyish, smart, energetic, rebellious. Passionate and adores her family.Laura – Mary Sides

Mary –13-15 (played by actress 13-25). Pretty, responsible, capable. She has all the yearnings that Laura has, but she keeps them in close check in order to be proper and a great help to her parents. She’s a rival with Nellie for Nick’s affections. Laura – Mary Sides

Ma (30-50). Warm-hearted, loving, proper, hard-working and stoic. She stays positive even when the family is under great strain. Embarrassed but quietly pleased by her husband’s shows of affection. Ma Side

Pa (30-50). Musician – a fiddler would be ideal, but guitar or banjo could work too. The original DIY pioneer – he can make or do anything. Masculine, protective, warm-hearted, fun. A great story-teller. Pa Side

Uncle George (40-70). Musician – harmonica preferred, but any instrument is fine. Has PTSD from the Civil War. Deeply strained and filled with demons, but he manages to open his heart to Laura, to sing and dance with her. A very poignant character.

Nellie, 13-15 (played by actress 13-25). Over-dressed, spoiled, socially aspirational. She’s jealous of Nick’s attraction to Mary, but over time reveals herself to be insecure and in need of friends. The warmth of the Wilder family finally softens some of her hard edges. Nellie Side

Nick, 15 (played by actor 15-25). Handsome but gawky, boisterous, boyish. Attracted to Mary but not sure what to do about it. Nick Side

Peter, 10 (played by actor 8-20.) Boisterous, funny, mischievous. Loves to play games, wrestle, and have a good time. Peter Side