By Lee Blessing

Directed by Geoffrey Wade at the Sierra Madre Playhouse


Auditions will take place on Nov. 12 (7pm) with call backs: TBD.

Rehearsals will begin on December 8th, and will be Monday thru Saturday. We will break

between Christmas and New Year. Regular rehearsals will resume Friday, January 2.

Tech week and dress rehearsals will run January 20-29. Actors must be completely

available during that period.

OPENS: January 30 CLOSES: February 28

Performances on Friday and Saturday evenings, and Sunday matinees.


Email your headshot and resume to WITWAudition@gmail.com

Male and Female actors of all ethnicities welcome.

For the audition, please prepare the sides. Feel free to focus on one, but please be familiar

with both.


In the idyllic woods outside Geneva, two arms negotiators, one Russian, one American, meet informally after long, frustrating hours at the bargaining table. They continue their private meetings as the seasons change, and through their absorbing, contentious, revealing conversation we become aware of the deepening understanding between them, even as their frustrations with their own governments grow more pronounced. Filled with great humor, wry observation, and sharp arguments, the play explores issues of power, cultural imperatives, and the interplay between personal admirations versus devotion to irreconcilable principals. It is absolutely relevant in our time as we struggle to cope with violent philosophies held by people who distrust each other.


Botvinnik: 50-70, Russian. Male or female. Affable, jovial, expansive, cynical, cunning, pragmatic, charming, indirect, savvy, provocatively conciliatory. Russian accent.

Honeyman: 30-45 American. Any gender or race. Pedantic, inexperienced, somewhat arrogant, humorless, idealistic, naive, straight laced, unapologetically opinionated, sincere, businesslike, humane, touch of the romantic.



p. 12-14 “…So tell me – aren’t you embarrassed to be an American?” through

“They said to stop joking.”

p. 26-28 “…I will now present to you my serious thoughts on the subject of” through

“rich, powerful Canada and an enormous Poland”


p. 29-30 “You say man has to fulfill every potential…” through Botvinnik’s line,

“So am I.”

p. 42-43 “I think the answer lies in … resisting” through “I can imagine.”

Botvinnik 1  |  Botvinnik 2  |  Honeyman 1 |  Honeyman 2

Click link to download .pdf.