The road that lies ahead for today’s conservatory graduates is being newly paved, affording expanded opportunities for personal expression, creativity and professional fulfillment. This class will focus on the essential tools for success, such as increasing awareness of developments in the music industry, identifying one’s unique gifts and developing an interesting musical profile, maximizing chances for obtaining an orchestra job, taking initiative in securing performance and recording opportunities, and exploring ways to become financially self-sufficient. It will guide and encourage students to take ownership of their unique talent and to promote themselves in a tasteful, informed and imaginative way. Students will be exposed to guest speakers and industry professionals who can enlighten and inspire them in their pursuit of a long and productive career in the arts. One-on-one career counseling will be offered in conjunction with this class. Students will write a personal statement at the start of the semester which will form the basis for individual consultation discussions.  Students will also spend the majority of the semester working on an Action Based Learning Project that aligns with the skills of the individual student that need to be learned to take their immediate next steps in becoming a working musician.