• "4,000 Miles is a wonderfully touching play that gives everyone, regardless of age or nationality,
    the hope they need in order to follow through with life's purpose. Its texture is sometimes
    subtle but clearly an American original all the way. Bravo to Lebano and to Sierra Madre
    for a truly outstanding production!" Don Grigware - Grigware Reviews
    L to R : Alexandra Wright, Christian Prentice, Mimi Cozzens, Susane Lee (photo credit: Gina Long)

  • Thru - 11/08 When 21 year-old Leo shows up at his 91 year-old grandmother's apartment
    in the West Village in New York City at 3 a.m. after biking 4000 miles across
    America neither expect it to be more than a one-night stay. But over
    the course of a single month, these unlikely roommates infuriate, bewilder,
    and ultimately reach each other. This beautiful and funny play was called
    "the best play of the year" by Time Magazine and was nominated for a
    Pulitzer Prize in 2013.

  • 4000 Miles 4000 MILES (SIERRA MADRE PLAYHOUSE): 90% – SWEET, Bitter Lemons
    L to R: Mimi Cozzens, Christian Prentice, and Alexandra Wright. (photo credit: Gina Long)

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