Opening Bee-luther-hatchee By Artistic Director, Christian Lebano

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After talking about Bee-luther-hatchee for years, we are now one week from opening! The journey from the first time I heard this play mentioned and sought it out to read it to opening night has been long and winding – with many ups and downs along the way. My commitment to producing this play has never wavered and now that we are about to share it with our first audiences, I’m excited and nervous.

As I’ve shared with you, I’m in this show as well as being its producer, a new double for me – and one I don’t think I negotiated as well as I might have (hard to step out and look at the big picture when I was so focused on creating the character of Sean Leonard). I’d forgotten how single-minded (and neurotic, I’ll admit) I become when I’m IN a show. It’s been a while and the chops were a little rusty, but I have to say I am loving acting again. It’s how I started and it brings such a special kind of joy to me. I won’t let it be another three years before I do it again. I’m so looking forward to sharing this character with audiences.

We put a terrific team together to build this show. We have a terrific cast – Olivia Cristina Delgado, Tamarra Graham, Jon Sprik, and Leilani Smith all of whom are wonderfully talented and really nice people. I am sure you will enjoy getting to know them on stage as much as I have. The designers have each spent so much time considering the various elements that comprise the whole experience – their work is beautiful and I am eager to share it. The crew, ably led by our Stage Manager, Derek Copenhaver, have worked long hours to bring this show to life. The Playhouse staff and volunteers led by our Technical Director, Todd McCraw have worked in concert to make sure that all of the elements are ready. And our Director, Saundra McClain has brought her years of experience and particular insights to this show – it is so much more than I ever imagined for her participation. Diane Siegel, whom I’ve written about often, has put together a scintillating series of outreach events to support and surround this show. We are so proud of how deeply into various communities this show will reach because of the work she has done.

And then, of course, there is the Sheri and Les Biller Family Foundation Grant which has made so much of this possible. Their support and faith in what we were creating has been more than encouraging – it has been life-giving. We honestly would not have been able to do it, but for their generosity.

And now it is up to YOU! I do hope you will see Bee-luther-hatchee. It is definitely the meatiest play we are doing this season – don’t let that deter your attendance – this is an honest play about a dishonest subject. It is filled with mysteries and provocative ideas. The arguments in the show are positively Shavian and thrilling in their honest and complete dedication to a point of view. You will be left debating the central idea long after the show is over. We will be having talk-backs after every show to allow for some audience debate and consideration of the ideas raised. I hope you’ll stay for them.