Bugs and Animals and Tea, Oh My! by Artistic Director, Christian Lebano

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SMP Presents Charlottes Web

We’ve loaded in the set for Charlotte’s Web and the cast will start working on it this weekend. The Director, Gary Lamb, and the Set Designer, Keiko Moreno, have created a visually arresting, flexible, barn-yard jungle gym. When Gary was describing to me what he wanted, he said that he hoped that kids would want to climb up on to the stage and play on the set. They have achieved that. It does all it has to in being the various settings needed to tell the story, evoking barns and barnyards, and the county fair while being playful and calling on kids (and grown-ups) to use their imaginations. I can’t wait to see it under lights.

The lobby is being transformed under the marvelous curating skills of Diane Seigel with the help of Emily Hopfauf and Vicky Aguilar. Anyone who has seen their work on our previous shows know that the lobby will be a fun and interactive experience – this time age-appropriate for our young patrons. Diane has been working with Joanne McGee-Lamb on the special events that will support our Sunday shows. All activities are free and start at 1:15 pm in front of the Playhouse except the Tea.

Here is what you can plan on:

March 20: Charlotte’s Fiber Art Party
Help us build a web for Charlotte.

March 27: Farm-Fresh Egg Hunt
Come help us find all of Goose and Gander’s eggs!

April 3: Wilbur’s Denim and Daisy Tea (fee to participate)
at T-Neer Tea House
142 West Sierra Madre Blvd. 1:00 pm
Reservations through T-Neer (626) 355-3999

April 10: Fern’s Farm Animals
Come meet some of the “real” animals depicted in the show.
April 17: Fern’s Farm Animals

More information about all of these events and more can be found on our website:


Charlotte’s Web opens to the public on March 11 and 12 (we have two different casts and each have their own Opening Night.) The show will play on matinees at 2:30 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays except on March 13 during The Wistaria Festival. Tickets are now on sale for Charlotte’s Web – it is going to be terrific fun – hope to see you there with (or without!) your kids and grandkids. Please visit our website at or call Mary at 626.355.4318 to purchase tickets.