Auditions Announced for A Christmas Story!

Adapted by Philip Grecian
Based upon the film written by Jean Shepherd, Leigh Brown and Bob Clark,
And In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash
Directed by Christian Lebano
Produced by Estelle Campbell and Christian Lebano

The Ovation-winning Sierra Madre Playhouse (SMP), will produce A Christmas Story.  SMP strives to make the experience of performing at our theater one which is fulfilling, satisfying and enjoyable.  For this show actors will be reimbursed $100 for the rehearsal period and $15-$25 per performance, to be determined.

Auditions: Thursday evening, September 7, and Saturday afternoon, September 8, with additional auditions by arrangement. 
Callbacks: Wednesday evening, September 13, and possibly Saturday afternoon, September 16. 
All auditions will take place in Sierra Madre.
Actors of ALL ethnicities, are encouraged to audition.
Friday, November 17 - Saturday, December 30, 2017
We will play evenings at 8:00 pm and matinees at 2:30 pm.  We will be doing a total of 27 performances (see below).  The kids in the show will all be double-cast, the adults will not.
Performance dates (27 shows):
November 17, 18, 19M, 24, 25, 26M
December 1, 2, 3M, 8, 9M, 9E, 10M, 14, 15, 16M, 16E, 17M, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23M, 23E, 29, 30M, 30E
Rehearsals will begin on Saturday afternoon, September 30, and will be Evenings (off Fridays), Saturday, and Sunday days.  Kids will be released by 9:00 evenings until run-throughs of the play later in the rehearsal period.  We will endeavor to concentrate their rehearsals on the weekends, as much as possible.  Rehearsal times are flexible.  Final rehearsal schedule will be arranged after the show is cast.  No reasonable conflicts should keep actors from submitting.
Tech week and dress rehearsals will run Friday evening, November 10 through Thursday, November 16.  Actors must be completely available during that period.
Email your headshot and resume OR QUESTIONS to or through Actors Access, Casting Frontiers, Now Casting or LA Casting.
Adult actors should prepare a short monologue of their choosing and be prepared to improvise.  Sides will be sent with audition confirmations.
Young actors should come prepared with any memorized piece – a poem, the Pledge of Allegiance, or a monologue and should be prepared to improvise.  Sides will be sent with audition confirmations.
Actors of ALL ethnicities encouraged to audition.
Ralphie Parker wants an official Red Ryder carbine action 200-shot air rifle for Christmas and he’ll do anything to get it!  Based on the stories of Jean Shepherd and the cult-classic movie, this stage adaptation has all of the memorable moments from the film.  Ralphie moves through the weeks before Christmas plotting and scheming and doing his best to convince his parents, his teacher, and even Santa Claus that he is worthy of this dream rifle.  Along the way he deals with his best buddies, the school bully, and a budding romance.  Charming, funny, and sweet this show celebrates family and is an ode to the Christmas’ of our youth and speaks to our nostalgia for a simpler time and for holidays we may never have actually celebrated.
YOUNG RALPHIE: (10-13 to play 11) the quintessential “everyman” kid.  Smart, scheming, determined, and earnest.  Seeking a young actor who is charming and quirky and is willing and able to carry a lot of stage time.  This is the kid we will spend the evening with and we need to like him and root for him.
OLD MAN: (35-50) He’s the fantasy Dad from the 40’s – self-assured, head-of-the household who is actually managed without his knowledge by his wife.  Confident and a bit swaggering, always right in his own mind, with an encyclopedic swear repertoire.  Seeking funny, quirky and charming actor who has a great sense of physical comedy.
MOTHER (30-45) The mother we all wish we’d had – smart, compassionate, warm, and real.  In another time she would have been whatever she’d set her sights on, but in 1940 she runs the house and takes care of her husband and kids.  Seeking actress with great warmth and humor. 
MISS SHIELDS (TEACHER)/ELF (30-50) Quirky character actress to play both Ralphie’s teacher AND an Elf at Higbee’s Dept. Store.  Seeking a fearless actress with great comic instincts. 
RANDY: (9-12 to play 8) Ralphies little brother.  Quirky kid – the typical “little” brother.  Seeking actor with great sense of timing and fearless sense of fun.
FLICK: (10-13  to play 11) One of Ralphies best friends.  Innocent and funny – takes most of the abuse from the bully, Scut.  He’s the one who gets his tongue stuck to the flagpole!  Also plays a Desperado in the fantasy sequence.
SCHWARTZ: (10-13 to play 11) Ralphies other best friend.  A little bolder than Flick.  Also plays a Desperado in the fantasy sequence.
ESTHER JANE: (10-13 to play 11) Sweet on Ralphie.  She is sincere, honest, and sweet.
HELEN: (10-13 to play 11) The Brain.  Wise beyond her years and very composed.
SCUT FARKAS: (11-14 to play 12) The Bully who gets his commeuppence.  Also plays Black Bart in the fantasy sequence.  Physically active actor sought.

Mother,Ralphie - Shot His Eye Out
Ralphie, Mother - Shot His Eye Out
Mother, OM - Award
OM, Mother - Award
Mother, OM - Ralphie's Fight
OM, Mother - Ralphie's Fight
Mother, OM - Broken Lamp
OM, Mother - Broken Lamp
Flick, Ralphie, Schwartz - Lamppost
Ralphie, Schwartz, Flick - Lamppost
Schwartz, Ralphie, Flick - Lamppost
Mother, Ralphie - Red Ryder Rifle
Ralphie, Mother - Red Ryder Rifle
Ralphie, OM, Mother - Blind Fantasy
Mother, Ralphie, OM - Blind Fantasy
OM, Mother, Ralphie - Blind Fantasy
Ralphie - Swearing
Flick, Farcas - Sore Arm
Farcas, Flick - Sore Arm
Esther, Ralphie - Christmas Card
Ralphie, Esther - Christmas Card
Mother, Shields, Schwartz Call
Shields, Mother - Schwartz Call
Flick, Ralphie, Schwartz - Sledding
Ralphie, Schwartz, Flick - Sledding
Schwartz, Flick, Ralphie - Sledding
Helen - Speech
OM, Mother - I'm Home
Mother, OM - I'm Home
Farcas, Schwartz, Flick - Desperados
Flick, Schwartz, Farcas - Desperados
Schwartz, Flick, Farcas - Desperados
OM, Mother - Clinker
Mother, OM - Clinker
Flick, Ralphie, Schwartz - Christmas Wish
Ralphie, Schwartz, Flick - Christmas Wish
Schwartz, Flick, Ralphie - Christmas Wish
Ralphie, Mother, OM - Cowboy Fantasy
Mother, OM, Ralphie - Cowboy Fantasy
OM, Ralphie, Mother - Cowboy Fantasy
Shields - Essay
Shields - Homework
Mother, Randy - Kill Ralphie
Randy, Mother - Kill Ralphie
Esther, Mother - Spider
Mother, Esther - Spider
Flick, Ralphie, Schwartz - Esther Jane
Ralphie, Schwartz, Flick - Esther Jane
Schwartz, Flick, Ralphie - Esther Jane


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