• The Odd Couple "Now onstage in a wonderfully grounded
    and real portrait, The Odd Couple still holds
    up; the Sierra Madre Playhouse production,
    under the meticulous direction of
    Alan Brooks, does the classic proud."
    - Don Grigware, Broadway WORLD, LA

  • The Odd Couple - It's Summer, 1965 and a group of
    “the guys” meet for their weekly poker game in the
    NYC West Side apartment of divorced sportswriter
    Oscar Madison. If the mess is any indication, it’s
    no wonder that his wife left him. Late to arrive is
    Felix Unger who has just been thrown out by his wife.
    Felix seems suicidal, but as the action unfolds Oscar
    becomes the one with murder on his mind when the
    clean-freak and the slob room together in this
    classic American comedy.

  • Always Patsy Cline

    Opens July 31

    Houston housewife Louise Seger first heard Patsy Cline in
    1957 on the Arthur Godfrey show and became an instant fan.
    The two met before a 1961 concert, struck it off immediately,
    and spent all night chatting in Louise's kitchen. After that
    night, they kept up an active pen-pal relationship.
    On the night of Patsy's death in a 1963 plane crash,Louise
    reminisces and Patsy drifts in and out singing 17 of the songs
    that made her so beloved. Sweet Dreams, indeed.

  • Sunday, June 14th @ 7PM

    A party at the home of James and Edna Kennedy.
    A murder in black-and-white. An evening of
    Charades...with a surprise ending. Who is after
    the mysterious jewel from India-The Eye of the
    Elephant? And who would kill for it? Oh, what a
    tangled web we weave when first we practice to
    deceive in this film noir tale of murder.
    Dress for Theatre? Black and white, of course.
    (Or whatever you feel comfortable in)
    It's going to be a night of intrigue and suspense!


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Share Your Worst Roommate Story:

Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple is the classic mismatched roommate tale. But we want to hear YOUR roommate story - whether it’s one that you always tell to make others laugh, one that could not have been more wrong or one that still causes you to shake your head in wonder.  We’ll videotape our cast reading your story and post on our Facebook page for the run of the show. The winning submission will be our special dinner guest with the director and cast of The Odd Couple - we'll even let you win a hand or two of poker if you want.

Submit your story by email to info@sierramadreplayhouse.org, Subject: SMP Worst Roommate Contest, Enter Contest
by midnight, May 31. The winner will be announced at the June 12 Sunday matinee.

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